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Seeking to develop customized financial planning and investment strategies that align with the client's individual goals and objectives, Mike works with clients through a four-step process.

Step 1: Discovery
In first meeting with new clients, Mike takes the time to listen and learn about what's important to them, their goals and their dreams. At this time, we conduct an initial estate planning assessment to determine your goals which allows us to understand how the major people, events, assets, and liabilities in your life fit together, and how we see them evolving in the future.

Step 2: Feedback
Once Mike understands the clients’ goals, as well as their current financial situation, he provides objective feedback and, if appropriate, suggests alternatives that may be more suitable.

Step 3: Plan Development
Mike develops a plan that integrates the interrelated areas of wealth management. The goal of the plan is to consolidate and simplify the client’s financial and investment affairs. In creating a comprehensive strategy, Mike coordinates investment management, tax planning strategies, estate planning strategies, retirement planning, and insurance consulting with one point of contact.

Step 4: Ongoing Management and Reevaluation
Once a strategy is developed, Mike offers ongoing and proactive advice and guidance about clients’ specific situations. He provides ongoing investment management and meets with clients at least once a year to review their portfolio. Additionally, he offers services that support continuity for families in the event of death or disability.