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Distinct Approach

As a financial planner with a specialized expertise in estate planning and a holder of the Certified Estate PlannerTM designation, our role goes beyond putting together a financial plan and managing your assets. This can make our firm quite distinct from others in the industry.

The reality is that estate planning is a low priority for some financial advisors, or shrugged off as a responsibility shipped off to the estate attorney. In my practice, we take a different approach, putting estate planning strategies in the driver’s seat. We see wealth management as more than your money --it's about fitting together all the aspects of your financial life to benefit the people you care for.

Putting estate planning strategies first allows us to understand how the major people, events, assets, and liabilities in your life fit together, and how we see them evolving in the future. It makes our work together more strategic and focused on the long term, putting us in command of the factors that we have the ability to control. Investment management and financial planning are tactics that we use to execute the strategic objectives in our plan.

At Capriotti & Co., the estate plan is the foundation for all that happens in your financial life. Starting by laying the strongest groundwork possible creates a strong base for all the rest of the work we do together.

While we are not attorneys and are not authorized to prepare legal documents, our strong grasp of estate planning fundamentals allows us to educate you on the basics, help you select a suitable estate attorney, and prepare you for a successful meeting. If you prefer, we will even go so far as to be present at the meeting. We will help you implement the plan, monitor follow up, and make any adjustments necessary. While we always defer to the attorney for all estate planning matters, we are willing to review the documents with you before you sign, just to pass a second set of eyes over them. Because estate planning is never “one and done”, we’ll be an ongoing resource that will constantly check in with you about your estate plan at least yearly.

*Capriotti & Company  and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services.  Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.