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Why We Are Different

Our Core Values

  • Create a culture of excellence and integrity 
  • Think long term...always do the "right" thing 
  • Remember why people entrust us with their money; they expect us to exercise good judgment with objectivity and with impartiality 
  • Value our independence, entrepreneurial spirit and flexibility 
  • Know our weaknesses and learn from our mistakes 
  • Encourage innovation and creativity 
  • Leverage our talent, resources and contacts 
  • Reward excellence of employees

Focus on Client Service

Because of our size, we are efficient, agile, and adaptable, essential qualities in today's marketplace. After years of surveying our clients, we have committed significant resources to providing the services and features that they tell us are important to them:

  • Competent and Professional Staff 
  • Access to Top Management 
  • Regular Reporting of Investment Results
  • Easy to Understand Statements 
  • Comprehensive Guidance 

Your calls are answered promptly by our client service professionals. 

They are a highly trained, experienced and motivated team that furnishes comprehensive professional assistance. Their presence assures that your questions, requests and other inquiries are answered and dispatched promptly and professionally. They provide the follow through and follow up that are the capstone for your investment and planning strategies.